Hello, and welcome!

I'm Kristi, and I live in the rural Pacific Northwest with my remarkable husband, Robert, in a farmhouse we purchased in 2011. The decision to buy our home was truly a leap of faith. It was large, in dire need of attention in almost every way, and came with a couple of sorely neglected acres of land to boot. But, we fell in love with the potential of what this house could be and decided we would make it our home.

This blog is an online journal about home décor, projects, and crafts, as well as a place where I share my favorite recipes, ideas, tips, and bits and pieces of our life on this little farm. But more than that, I suppose you could say that this blog is a love letter to our home and the life we are building here.

Throughout this space, it's my intention to write from the heart; to share what's real and authentic. I believe that trying is more important than perfecting, and that a willingness to get messy is courage in action. I don't believe in avoiding fear or failure; instead, I believe in embracing what we can learn from hard things. And I don't believe in striving for anyone's version of ideal. For better or for worse, I want my life to be honest. I want my spaces to be lived in and loved on. And I want my days to be grounded in the meaning, purpose, and joy that come from living the good life.

I'm so glad that you're here and that you're sharing a bit of your time with me. I hope to see you again soon!


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