Support Local Farmers

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing movement to connect consumers directly to farmed goods. Learn more about how you can help local farms like ours to thrive.

Finding Common Ground

Growing Together

The US Department of Agriculture describes a CSA as a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, in a spiritual-sense, the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of the farm’s production.

Typically, CSA members purchase “shares” of the farm which means that the member takes home farm products on a pre-defined basis (i.e. weekly, monthly, seasonally, etc).

Both the consumer and the grower share the risks and rewards from what grows out of the ground. If there is a bumper crop, the result is abundance. And if the farm encounters hardships, the community’s support of the farm helps to keep the farmer going through the season.

Ways You Can Show Support For Our Farm

The biggest and most obvious way you can support our farm is by purchasing what we grow. It’s our deepest hope that what comes from our land will nourish you and bring you joy, just as it does for us. Whether you’re interested in local cut flower bouquets or growing your own flowers with our dahlia tubers, seeds, and bulbs, we would love to see the joy of our farm spread to your home!

Second, we are so very grateful to have a community of friends and supporters that extends beyond our region. Over the years, so many of you have gotten to know us through our blog, our YouTube channel, or social media, and you’ve become a second family to us. You encourage us and support us spiritually, and you truly mean the world to us. If you have found value in what we share here on the blog, as well as our channel, and would like to support the work we’re doing and help us to grow our farm, you would be blessing us beyond words.

Finally, there are many ways that the community can support a farm, even without making a financial contribution. Most farmers, just like us, rely on word of mouth to raise awareness and reach new customers. Telling others about our farm, blog, or channel is a simple way to support us that doesn’t cost a thing.

Other totally FREE ways you can show your support include:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch new episodes (don’t forget to like and comment!)
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with all our farm happenings
  • Read our weekly blog posts, and leave comments on the posts
  • Follow, share, and interact with our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Follow us on Pinterest to get new ideas for your home and garden

From the bottom of our hearts…

If you have somehow felt called to support the work we’re doing, we want you to know that we don’t take that lightly. We believe that the circle of friends we’ve grown over the years of sharing our lives, hearts, and souls through this blog is something truly special and uniquely powerful. We’ve come together in community with each other because we share values and deeply held beliefs about the importance of cultivating a life well-lived.

In short, you matter to us more than you might realize.

You inspire us to keep going when the journey is long and the climb is steep. You give us courage to do hard things. Your care, kindness, and belief in us fills up our hearts and souls to overcome any challenge.

You’re our people. You are part of our story. And, you will always have a seat at our table.

Thank you for the ways you lift us up. We will work every day to try to do the same, and more, for you.