Modern homesteading with heritage traditions

Grit. Grace. Growth.

Our Farmhouse

Years of living in the city and suburbs had taken a toll on our spirit. The noise, the traffic, the lack of breathing room–it was all becoming suffocating. Then, by a leap of faith, we bought a big ol’ fixer-upper farmhouse and a couple of sorely neglected acres that we decided to make our home. We packed up and moved to the country, and this is our story of learning what life is really all about–with a whole lot of grit and a little bit of grace!

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Home & Projects

From DIY renovations of our farmhouse, to fixer-upper home projects, and all of our homesteading happenings–I love taking on a good project and learning new things!

Vintage & Décor

I adore all things vintage, including the hunt for historic treasures that I use as décor around our home. Check out my latest finds, DIY crafts, and home tours!

Heritage Recipes

Remember the recipes you grew up enjoying? I love re-creating all of my favorites…all completely vegan and gluten-free, but you’d never know it!

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