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Our Flower Farm

To us, farming is more than a job. It’s a way of living sustainably in harmony with nature. Every bouquet that we grow, harvest, and put into your hands is a deeply meaningful symbol of our commitment to creating a beautiful future.

What we offer

Fresh Bouquets

Bring our gorgeous blooms into your home! Learn about the seasonal farm shares we offer, how to order, and more.

Dahlia Tubers

If you would love to grow your own dahlias, we would love to help you! Each year, we will offer a selection of our favorite varieties.

For Florists

If you are a florist seeking to incorporate locally-grown specialty flowers, we would love to talk more about your floral needs.

Our farm story is about the pursuit of a meaningful life through acts of faith.

Sometimes, the best things in life don’t necessarily follow traditional logic. The decision to start our flower farm came to us as a calling. Or, perhaps our path was always leading us here.

Robert, with a masters degree in counseling and over 25 years as a public school educator, and Kristi, with two decades as a leadership consultant and a doctorate in psycho-social development, both have a commitment to a life of service. But we had a strong sense that there was another way we were meant to serve. A way that would allow us to break free from bureaucracy and the problems with traditional organizational culture that we felt were depleting our souls.

We made the decision to take a leap of faith and follow our hearts by devoting ourselves to our farm and the life we believe we were meant to live. The flowers we grow are more than just crops. They are our teachers, our treasured friends, and often feel like family as we learn more about ourselves and our connection to nature along this journey.

Today, we are working to cultivate joy and redefine beauty by nurturing sustainably-grown flowers and botanicals using heritage growing traditions. Whether we’re planting, weeding, or harvesting, we are discovering what it means to live a life of meaning and purpose. Our hope is that, by inspiring others to do the same, we can collectively change the world for the better.

We believe that flowers are so much more than just plants.

Every major milestone of our lives is marked by the presence of botanicals. There is something inherently spiritual and symbolic about flowers. We celebrate joys, profess our love, recover from hardship, honor those we respect, and remember those we’ve lost all through floral expressions.

We are committed to growing flowers that will mark the most important and memorable moments of your life, as well as the ordinary days that, in the end, are the ones that really matter.

We are devoted to growing flowers that will take your breath away.

We exclusively grow dahlias and specialty flowers that are exceptionally beautiful and unique. For a flower variety to earn a place within our farm, it must offer something extraordinary that you won’t find anywhere else. We want you to experience unparalleled joy whenever you see our blooms.

We farm like the future depends on it.
Because it does.

Regeneration is a process of renewal, restoration, and growth that builds resilience and grit, and regenerative agriculture is no exception. We seek to create a world where we reduce the carbon footprint of flowers by growing locally. Through sustainable techniques and a commitment to responsible land stewardship, we aim to grow in cooperation with nature and in preservation of our ecosystems. We use only organic practices on our farm, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, efficient water usage, and intentional support of our pollinator populations by setting aside dedicated habit areas.

Do you love flowers as much as we do?

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