Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Mid-Winter Farmhouse Styling

While we're still getting snow every week, it makes it tough for me to want to flip our decor over to spring blooms just yet. The winter feels so cozy, and although I'm not keen on the chilly temps, I do like the fact that this time of year forces us to spend more time hunkering down together. So, for now, I'm focusing on a mid-winter aesthetic throughout our home, and it makes for an easy transition between the seasons.

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Minor shifts in our decor--that's always the strategy I use to move us through the months of the year. This month, I'm all about greenery, wood tones, and cozy creams. These are already abundant in our home, so it only takes a few focal pieces to create a mid-winter vibe.

To help give you some ideas, I'm sharing my personal design board for this season, along with all of the sources to find these items for your own home. You can find my complete library of other Design Boards right here, and I hope you come away with some great ideas to make your own cozy, mid-winter space!

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