Homestead Design in the Kitchen

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Today is Part 2 of a three-part series on decorating your home with the homestead design aesthetic. Yesterday, we covered the definition of homestead design, and also talked about how and why it’s a little bit of a different variation of farmhouse style. In this post, I’ll share what homestead looks like in our kitchen, as well as provide you with a design inspiration board to use for decorating your own spaces.

In case you missed Part 1 of this series, you can find it here.

Now, onto the kitchen…

While I was growing up, we almost always had a garden. Some years it was bigger than others, but no matter the size, I enjoyed working in the dirt and caring for plants from an early age. It’s partly for this reason that I love growing herbs in the kitchen, as well as decorating with harvest baskets that inspire to want to run out to the garden and grab a basket full of fresh veggies for dinner. Until you’ve eaten vegetables straight from the garden, you truly have no idea how much flavor is missing from the grocery store produce that we’re used to buying!

When I got a bit older, my parents opened a bakery in our small town. At first, it shared space in a wing off the local butcher shop with just a small counter and couple racks of fresh baked goods, but as business grew, it moved into its own building with lots of seating and a daily lunch menu.

Besides the amazing experience of watching my parents operate a business, I also loved seeing people enjoy homemade food from my family’s kitchen. All of our food was made in small batches rather than what you’d find in the big, giant commercial style kitchens of large restaurants. For starters, it was quite a small town…but also, it was a matter of quality.

Every day’s bread was being cooked by 4:30 in the morning, and those smells still remind me of the hard work that goes into creating food with care and mindfulness.

In our kitchen, you’ll definitely find decor that brings those feelings back to our home–like my collection of vintage rolling pins, a grouping of bread boards, and an antique breadbox to store our own bakery items. If you don’t use a breadbox for bread, it’s also a stylish way to store your cookbooks and keep a clear countertop! And, although we’re vegan, I have a special love for those little white cow creamers (on top of our breadbox), and they’re a perfect crossover to farmhouse style.

While I’ve certainly put a great deal of time into collecting vintage treasures for our kitchen decor, you can absolutely bring this design aesthetic into your own home with some of these wonderful touches. Be sure to pin this inspiration board so that you can find it later, and tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your own homestead kitchen pics!

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