French Creek Fellowship #2: Selah Pines Farmhouse

Farmhouses come in so many shapes and styles, and I have truly indiscriminate taste. They all appeal to me, both for their charm, but also for the feelings of heritage and home that they evoke.

Today, I want to introduce you to my friend, Mary, from Selah Pines Farmhouse.

Mary and her husband are empty-nesters who decided to purchase and renovate a 5,100 square foot classic American farmhouse in Indianna. Their adult children, extended family, and friends have helped them to complete each project in DIY fashion along the way, and they’ve only had to hire out for a few smaller tasks.

What first brought Mary and I together as friends was our shared love for all things vintage! Mary has such a tremendous eye for detail and every corner of her home is styled with a vintage vignette that is truly swoonworthy. I am always anxiously awaiting what she’ll share next!

But Mary’s vintage treasures aren’t the only reason I adore her. It’s quite simply the way that she puts her heart on display every day–in her home, yes, but also in her words and actions.

Watching Mary, I see her walk through her life with courage and faith. She tries new ideas, isn’t afraid to lean into and learn from her hard experiences, and will even start over from scratch when called to change.

This year, Mary and her husband are embarking on a new adventure together as they travel with their trailer across America and reconnect with what is wild and true within their hearts. You can follow their journey on Instagram as well { }

After you take a look at these glimpses of Mary’s home, I’m know you’re bound to fall in love with her spirit as well!

All photos courtesy of Mary from Selah Pines Farmhouse

French Creek Fellowship is a weekly series where I’ll be introducing you to some of the talented and inspiring friends I’ve made along the way of our fixer-upper-farmhouse journey. While their homes and design style are truly inspiring indeed, what strikes me the most about the friends I’ll be featuring is their authenticity and character. They each have such pure and genuine hearts that they willingly and graciously share with others, and isn’t that just what the spirit of fellowship is really all about?

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    1. Hi friend, After Mary and her husband took their fantastic road trip across the country, they decided to make a lot of life changes. Along with that, Mary started a new Instagram page to follow the progress of the home they are now building in North Carolina. You can follow their new home-building journey at @hummingbird.way on Instagram!

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