French Creek Fellowship #4: Painted Pink Peony Co

For better or for worse, home is a place that has the power to impact our mood and way of looking at the world. That’s one of the reasons I think it’s so important to surround yourself with the things that bring you comfort and joy.

The same is true of people. Have you ever noticed that if you hang around grumpy people, you’ll start to feel more jagged and edgy as well? But, if you spend time with joyful, lively, positive people, their energy starts to infuse your day with happiness, too?

That is the best way I can explain what my friend Terri from The Painted Pink Peony Co. is to me.

Terri’s joy for life is truly infectious, and her personality permeates right into her home, as well. Everywhere you look, you’ll find cheery, flourishing flowers brightening a view, or a celebratory vignette for whatever the current season might be.

Terri is so multi-talented that I never cease to be amazed and inspired by what she’ll share next. One day she’ll be sharing her latest recipe, the next refinishing a piece of French Provincial furniture! She makes some of the most beautiful wreaths I’ve ever seen, and this woman can create a gorgeous tablescape that will turn any meal into a special celebration!

Together, Terri and her husband (who is in law enforcement) call themselves “serial renovators” in Saratoga Springs, NY. Last year, they completed an absolutely gorgeous renovation while living in their fixer upper, then sold it and have started all over again!

I am so excited to see what they do with their new space!

If this is your first time meeting her, you are in for a real treat because Terri is not just an inspiring DIYer—she’s an incredible friend to everyone she meets. Be sure to get to know Terri better online { @paintedpinkpeonyco } and follow along with her current renovation and all of her fantastic home projects!

All photos courtesy of Terri at Painted Pink Peony Co.

French Creek Fellowship is a weekly series where I’ll be introducing you to some of the talented and inspiring friends I’ve made along the way of our fixer-upper-farmhouse journey. While their homes and design style are truly inspiring indeed, what strikes me the most about the friends I’ll be featuring is their authenticity and character. They each have such pure and genuine hearts that they willingly and graciously share with others, and isn’t that just what the spirit of fellowship is really all about?

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