French Creek Fellowship #5: Rain and Pine


Being able to envision a space within our home in a different way than I’ve seen it before is a skill that I’ve learned over time. And, quite honestly, it’s one that I continue to work at every day.

The interior of our home and the DIY projects we’ve incorporated over the years have evolved through experimentation and do-overs, and sometimes it can be tough to think outside of the box and create a vision for something new.

This skill, however, is one that my friend Bree of Rain and Pine seems to have been blessed with at birth. She has this truly incredible ability to see things that don’t yet exist, and then execute on those visions so beautifully.

Bree is a real-life friend of mine (if you watch my stories, you’ve seen us together on many adventures!), and we first met over our shared love of farmhouse-style decorating on Instagram. Since she lived so near to us, she stopped in to visit our shop one day, and we’ve been buddies ever since.

Whenever we get together for a “girls day” and go out hunting for vintage treasures, I’m always blown away by Bree’s ability to catch a glimpse of something and immediately imagine a creative way to use it.

Seriously, the way her mind works is just marvelous!

I always appreciate having brilliant and talented friends to both inspire me and challenge me to think differently. Bree brings that and so much more to the table.

Her blog isn’t just about pretty pictures of home decor–although you will certainly find that in abundance. Bree also writes about DIY projects, party ideas, recipes, travel, and more. She’s an endless source of great ideas!

Bree and her husband, Tory who is a licensed plumber by day, have taken a builder grade suburban home and turned it into a custom farmhouse-style cottage one project at a time. With Bree’s incredible vision and Tory’s vast DIY knowledge, they make the perfect team!

All of this on top of parenting three littles–they are truly rockstars of the fixer upper world!

This tour is just a peek at the amazing work Bree and Tory have done on their home, so you’ll definitely want to spend some time getting to know them better over at Rain and Pine. Prepare to be inspired and enamored!

All photos courtesy of Bree at Rain and Pine.

French Creek Fellowship is a weekly series where I’ll be introducing you to some of the talented and inspiring friends I’ve made along the way of our fixer-upper-farmhouse journey. While their homes and design style are truly inspiring indeed, what strikes me the most about the friends I’ll be featuring is their authenticity and character. They each have such pure and genuine hearts that they willingly and graciously share with others, and isn’t that just what the spirit of fellowship is really all about?

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