Top 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Celebrating With Vintage Farmhouse Charm

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Valentine's Day Ideas

The season of love is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate! If pink and red don’t suit your decor, or you prefer an understated yet elegant style, you might feel like your options are limited. Don’t despair! These ten Valentine’s Day ideas for the home include decor, crafts, and recipes that are perfect for honoring love in all its forms.

I love a reason to celebrate…no matter what that reason might be! And, really, is there anything better to celebrate than LOVE?

But, as with every season, I prefer our decor and traditions to blend in rather than stand out. Extravagance and fanfare feel like opposites to our lifestyle, and I like to try to find ways to make the special moments feel more seamless and natural.

Whether you’re looking for decor inspiration, a DIY craft idea, or a new recipe to try out for the special day, these ten Valentine’s Day ideas will give you plenty of fuel for your creativity and imagination!

As a bonus, I’ve curated this love-themed playlist with some of our favorite songs to celebrate the season of romance with farmhouse flair. Enjoy listening as you browse these ten terrific Valentine’s Day ideas!

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10 Incredible ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with vintage + farmhouse charm

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Cross-stitch cupids on a rustic barn wood background

DIY Cross-Stitch Cupids

Cross-stitch is a heritage craft that I especially enjoy. It’s such a calm and relaxing activity that I can pick up and enjoy in the quiet evenings whether I’m sitting by the fireplace in winter, or on the front porch in summer. I feel that the simple task of needlework really helps me to connect to my roots and preserve a tradition that women in my family have known for generations.

If you’re new to cross-stitch, it really is one of the easiest crafts to learn. I wrote a complete guide to cross-stitch for beginners, and you need very little to get started. I always say–if you can count, you can do cross-stitch!

These two mischievous cupids are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day with vintage homestead charm. The pattern I’ve created for you is simple to follow, and only requires one color of thread for a beautiful neutral farmhouse vibe.

A tiered tray decorated for Valentine's Day with cupid and angel decor

Style a Valentine’s Day Tiered Tray

When I’m pressed for time, or simply don’t feel like doing a complete redecorating job for a holiday, tiered trays are my go-to way to celebrate. There are literally hundreds of reasons to celebrate throughout the year, and a tiered tray is a fun way to acknowledge so many festive occasions.

If you’ve never decorated a tiered tray before, I created a simple framework to help you with the basics. Then, when you need more ideas, my Tiered Tray Decorating Guide includes 500 ideas for themes to keep your imagination filled all year long!

This Valentine’s Day tiered tray guide also includes an example for how to improvise a tiered tray, even if you don’t own a formal tray. There are so many ways to decorate without ever buying a thing! Plus, I’ve included a great collection of Valentine’s Day ideas to give you inspiration for your next tiered tray.

Refreshing raspberry cocktail with mint

Bespoke Mocktails, Anyone?

Looking for a refreshing signature drink that everyone can enjoy? I created a collection of mocktail recipes that will blow your mind! There are also suggestions for how to make each one in a “grownup” cocktail version for those who desire a little nip of something extra.

In this collection, I wanted to feature fresh flavors and herbs that you can grow yourself. There’s just such a special quality to a food or drink that was crafted with your own hands and from your own garden.

Your Valentine’s dinner party will certainly be elevated by any of these drink recipes, and your friends will forever remember your special celebration!

A wooden bowl filled with white felt heart ornaments

DIY Felt Heart Ornaments

Shouldn’t love be spread around like confetti? I sure think so! These sweet and petite felt heart ornaments are a charming way to make someone’s day.

You can dangle one from your rearview mirror, tie it around a small gift or specialty chocolate bar, or string several together to form a garland. The possibilities are endless!

Plus, you don’t even need a sewing machine to make these adorable gifts. In my tutorial, I also teach you how to sew a blanket stitch, which is perfect for so many DIY crafts.

Make a bowlful for your coworkers, neighbors, all the kids in the classroom, or just to decorate around your home! They’re a quick and easy craft project that you can complete in minutes, and I’ve even included a printable pattern for you as a bonus.

Delicious fudge squares with toasted pecans

The Very Best Fudge

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to enjoy a decadent piece of chocolate! And, if you need to avoid dairy, soy, or gluten, this amazing vegan fudge recipe is sure make your day!

With just a few ingredients, you can whip up a batch of my delicious classic fudge with all the flavors of Grandma’s recipe–but none of the allergens. This is the perfect treat to store in your freezer because it will never freeze solid and it’s ready for a snack without defrosting.

That makes it the perfect treat to celebrate anytime! Finished a load of laundry? Did the dishes? Weeded the flower beds? Reward yourself with a bite of heaven whenever you feel like celebrating!

A collection of vintage trophies decorated with hand-sewn hearts for Valentine's Day

Decorate for Valentine’s Day With Vintage Style

There are so many ways to bring the essence of romance into your home without clashing with your vintage decor style. Whether you love the look of glittery elegance and Hollywood Regency, or rustic French Country, there are numerous ways to incorporate vintage items into your Valentine’s decor with sophistication.

We already romanticize much of the past, so it’s not hard to imagine incorporating vintage pieces into your design choices for Valentine’s Day. Think of the love letters that may have been typed on an old typewriter, or a tattered book of poems, or elegant candlesticks.

With so many options, you can design for every corner of your home! The 14 ideas I’ve curated will inspire your creativity and fill your heart with romance!

Yarn-wrapped hearts form a garland

Cozy Yarn-Wrapped Hearts Garland

With Valentine’s Day falling right in the middle of winter, this string of hearts made with yarn will add loads of coziness and warmth to your decor. This is a fun and easy DIY craft that anyone can do with very few supplies.

It’s also a great way to have kiddos help to make your Valentine’s Day decor! The steps are simple enough for young children to follow, and there’s no mess to clean up after. Sure, paint and glitter are fun, but this craft is just as fun without making a chore for yourself!

Bonus – I’ve included a printable template to make this craft even easier, and you can use it again and again for even more crafty Valentine’s Day ideas!

A collection of vintage items on a shelf included letterpress blocks and ironstone pitcher

Decorate With Vintage Letterpress

Keep the vintage decor vibes going by adding sweet sayings with letterpress letters!

Now, you’ll have to keep in mind that the letters will actually be a mirror image because they were used to stamp out newspapers and other printed materials. If you want to make sure they’re especially readable, stick to using letters that look the same from either direction. (Hint – you may need to rotate them 180-degrees, as well.)

My friend, Traci, specializes in vintage letterpress and stamps. She searches far and wide to find amazing options for her shop, and she’s helped me add some incredible pieces to my own collection. I highly recommend signing up for Traci’s VIP club, as well–she sends coupon codes, special offers, and bonus gifts throughout the year!

For Valentine’s Day ideas, try letter combinations like “YOU & ME” or “XOXO”. This is a fun way to decorate that allows you to get very creative!

Brownie batter hummus pairs wonderfully with pretzels for a sweet and salty treat

Brownie Batter Hummus

You don’t have to go crazy with the sweets to enjoy something special on Valentine’s Day. My Brownie Batter Hummus is a chocolatey treat without any refined sugar, and it’s packed with protein! God bless the chickpea!

I’ve received so many emails from readers who have made this recipe, expressing gratitude for satisfying their chocolate craving without ruining their health goals. We love to make a batch to enjoy for movie night snacking or while watching the game–it’s practically guilt-free!

We like the sweet and salty combination of this hummus with gluten-free pretzels, but it is certainly just a good on a graham cracker or vanilla wafer, too!

A vintage champagne bucket makes a perfect vase for a romantic floral arrangement on a dining table

Romantic + Vintage French Tablescape

Setting an elegant table will make your Valentine’s Day dinner especially memorable. You can use vintage table linens, china, and even mismatched flatware for an eclectic aesthetic.

I think the important thing is to incorporate meaningful items that speak to your history or passions. For example, I love old books, so I use them often in my designs to add height and texture. Rob’s heritage is French, so I love repurposing a champagne bucket as a vase for a flower arrangement. These are just a couple of the little ways that you can elevate your decor and add a touch of vintage romance.

When your decor tells a story, it imparts a special meaning to the celebration. Your guests will never forget a unique tablescape!

Hearts cut from vintage book pages make a charming garland for Valentine's Day

Dictionary Page Heart Garland

One of the most budget-friendly crafts is to upcycle an old book into a beautiful garland, and it’s one of my favorite Valentine’s Day ideas. I especially love to use old dictionary pages because they often include black and white sketches that make unique art pieces. You can usually pick one up at a thrift store for under a dollar, and you’ll have enough pages to last for many craft projects to come!

Use my printable template to make a charming garland to decorate for Valentine’s Day. You can string the hearts horizontally to stretch across a mantel, or hang them vertically to cover a window. Try dangling a few at various lengths from a dining room chandelier (just be mindful of heat or open flames from candles).

Whether you’re a book lover, or just swoon for the vintage vibes, this garland will certainly complete your decor!

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