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If you’re looking to use a nesting box as a farm chic wall shelf, or for the practical and true purposes of making a cozy place for your hens to lay eggs, building your own nesting box is a great way to save money. Today, I’m sharing six different DIY plans to build a nesting box within your budget.

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No matter whether you’re looking to repurpose existing materials, or build with minimal supplies, this collection of nesting box plans offers variety to fit every need!

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1. Build a Nesting Box from a Single Sheet of Plywood

Kelsey from Green Willow Homestead left the city for the country and developed an interest in sustainable, local food. She began raising her own chickens, and she has great advice on how to support your animals–whether in your urban backyard, or on a full fledged farm.

Kelsey’s nesting box plan is built from a single 4’x8′ sheet of 5/8″ plywood, making it extremely affordable and simple to build. She went an extra step and repurposed a curtain rod for an adorable perch. I love that idea! These plans would be great for both raising chickens, as well as for adding farm charm to your home decor.

2. Flat-Top Nesting Box

The detailed build plans from Kayla at Plum Pretty Decor and Design are perfect for building a nesting box that would be ideal for your farm, or as a farm chic console table/bookcase. Kayla also demonstrates different finishing techniques from simple wood stain to shabby whitewash.

3. Upcycle an Old Bookcase

Lindsay from My Creative Days is a master of repurposing! She turned an old bookcase into a super shabby nesting box console table that’s perfect for displaying darling decor. Her step-by-step guide walks you through each procedure to beautifully give a worn out piece of furniture new life!

4. Re-purpose Fence Boards

If ever you’re looking for great project inspiration, the folks at Ryobi have the goods! This nesting box is made from repurposed fence boards, and makes a great statement as an entryway console table!

5.Nesting Boxes from Pallets

Deanna and Daisy from Little House in the Suburbs are long-time friends living a small farming life in their suburban backyards. Their plans to build a nesting box from a pallet are a fantastic and cost-effective solution to your DIY project needs!

6. Circular Nest Opening

If you’re looking for an especially unique design, this build plan from Construct 101 is perfect. Each nest has a circular opening that’s just darling. I also love the hinged top for easy egg access if you choose to use your nesting box for your hens.

Prefer to purchase a pre-made nesting box?

Maybe you aren’t looking for another DIY project right now, but still want the nesting box look? Both vintage and new nesting boxes can be used in your decor or around your farm. Below, I’ve included some great options for quick purchase.

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Looking for some inspiration for decorating a nesting box in your home? Check out this post with loads of ideas!

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