How to Use a Nesting Box as Decor

Farmhouse decor has been popular for decades, but television shows like Fixer Upper have brought it to the main stage in recent years. The spectrum of design choices within this genre varies greatly from primitive and rustic, to modern and minimalist, yet within them all, the choice to re-purpose old farm items as decor pieces is constant.

Chicken nesting boxes are a popular choice, particularly because they’re more difficult to find, and therefore, highly sought after. Their scarcity makes them that much more of a focal point when you find them included into a home’s design, and there are so many incredible ways to use them in your decor.

What makes a nesting box such a scarce commodity? For starters, the majority of them were most likely a well-used farm object for many years. Chickens would have literally been living in them for quite some time, so the wear and tear means that a lot of them just aren’t salvageable down the road.

And, even if they are salvaged, are they clean enough to actually bring into your home?!

But occasionally, you stumble across the unicorn of nesting boxes. One that’s not too shabby, and not too dirty, that could actually make an incredible statement piece in your farmhouse decor.

I was so thrilled when I found mine this fall. I knew immediately that it would be the perfect piece to hang in our entryway and display small vignettes of my favorite vintage finds. {Read my nesting box story}

Decorating my nesting box for Christmas was so much fun, and right away, I started to think about how I might change it up after the holidays. I can’t wait to share future design reveals with you each season!

Until then, let’s get inspired together with some gorgeous examples of how a nesting box can be used in a variety of design choices and purposes.

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Laura Stewart

The classic metal nesting box with rust in all the right places is so charming paired with a chippy piece of furniture. I just love how this one is used to expand the storage in a dining room buffet.

Michael’s Mini Farmette

Here’s another example of how to use a nesting box above a dining buffet, but the circular cubbies add some extra charm to the view.

Woodstream Cottage

A smaller nesting box makes a great shelf for displaying decor, and the wall light  above creates a cozy nook for vintage treasures.

Apple Seeds and Sage

This large nesting box makes a stunning console table in a hallway where each cubby can hold a variety of decor, books, and plants.

Ruffles and Overalls

An even large piece makes a unique bookshelf in a rustic farmhouse inspired living room!

Plum Pretty

I love this petite nesting box console, as well as the locker baskets that make for fantastic extra storage.

Little Farmstead

My friend Julie from Little Farmstead used her nesting box as a creative advent calendar at Christmas!

Montana Farmhouse

Nesting boxes are also a great way to display a beloved collection!

Liz Marie Galvan

I pinned this bit of inspiration from Liz Marie so long ago, and I frequently revisit it to marvel at the beauty of her fall styling. What a gorgeous display!

A Joye Filled Life

This long and narrow nesting box makes for a perfect shelf to store a variety of items while looking farm-fabulous!

The Farmhouse 31

The chippy, distressed, aged pieces of architectural salvage pair beautifully with this dining storage nesting box.

CB Designs

The more I see these long and narrow nesting boxes used as book shelves, the more I want to find a way to add one somewhere in our home. Goodness knows we have more than enough books to fill it!

Chippy Vintage Hippie

This cute and petite nesting box adds a sweet touch to this patriotic porch!

Family Shiplap and Dunn

Although this nesting box is made of metal, the way my friend Michelle mounted her on the wall above a bench reminds me of our own entryway. I love her cheerful fall decor too!

Rustic Meadows Home

Talk about beautiful floral inspiration! Plus, that darling “bloom” pillow was made by my friend Kendra, which mean that this nesting box vignette is one of my all-time favorites! {Get the pillow}

The Craft Avenue Cottage

Birdhouses within a nesting box? Too cute!

The Farmhouse 31

Yes, I know I already featured Resa up above, but she re-styles her nesting box frequently, and I love all of her inspiration!

The Knotty Pine Workshop

Another large nesting box used as a bookshelf…I just can’t get enough!

The Williamsburg Way

This nesting box in the garden is such a great way to create an herb garden, don’t you think?

With all of this great inspiration, it’s easy to see why nesting boxes have become so popular in farmhouse-style home decor. I hope seeing all of these beautiful ideas has inspired you to add a nesting box to your own decor!

Looking for nesting boxes online? Check out some of these:

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  2. A beautiful and inspiring post Kristi. Who doesn't love a vintage nesting box!!
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