The 17 Best St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

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Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival? Every year on March 17th, the world celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, and if you want to get your home ready for the fun, here are 17 St. Patrick’s Day decor ideas that are truly unique!

But first…how about a little trivia?

Did you know….

  • Saint Patrick, whose real name was Maewyn Succat, was not born in Ireland. He was kidnapped by pirates and held in Ireland for 6 years when he was just 16 years old. During this time, his faith helped him survive, and he eventually escaped. Some years later, he returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary. He took the name Patrick when he became a priest.
  • There are 36 million Americans who claim to have Irish heritage. This is far more people than live in the entire country of Ireland–a population of only 4 million.
  • Finding a four leaf clover is truly special! There are 10,000 three-leaf clovers for each four-leaf clover.
  • The first St. Patrick’s Day parade happened in Boston during the 18th century–not Ireland! In fact, it took about 200 years before Ireland started hosting parades on this day!
  • If you participate in Lent, all Lenten restrictions are lifted on St. Patrick’s Day. It is theorized that this is the reason the holiday (at least, how it is celebrated in the US) is associated with drinking alcohol.
  • Shamrocks are the trademark of the holiday because it is said that Saint Patrick used a clover to teach about the trinity.

In case you find yourself in an Irish pub on March 17th, you can use these interesting facts to impress your friends.

Now…on with the decorating! Here are some truly unique St. Patrick’s Day decor ideas! Be sure to pin this post so you can find it again later!

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1. Woodland Gnome

A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, and they spend their time making mischief and mending shoes. They are usually depicted as bearded men wearing a coat and hat, but this little spring gnome is so much cuter, don’t you think?

2. Shamrock Table Runner

I always love a burlap table runner to give the dining room a rustic, farmhouse feel. This one is painted with shamrocks, and it’s perfect for serving your Saint Patrick’s Day feast!

3. Vintage Map of Ireland

If you prefer your holiday decor to have a more subtle and vintage vibe, an old map of Ireland on the wall is just the thing for St. Patrick’s Day!

4. Shamrock Wreath

Sure, you could find any number of green wreaths to display this time of year. But one made with artificial shamrocks? That’s something special!

5. Clover Garland

I adore anything made with old book pages, so this garland is on point for my decor style! If you’re crafty, I’ll bet you could even make a custom version for yourself!

6. Farmhouse-Style Throw Pillow

This is my favorite throw pillow of all time for St. Patrick’s Day! I love the military style lettering and vintage green color!

7. Distressed Wooden Clovers

These clovers would be perfect to tuck into a shelf or a tiered tray. You could even fill a bowl with them for a unique centerpiece.

8. Vintage-Inspired Irish Greeting Cards

These adorable vintage-look greeting cards are decoupaged onto wood blocks which makes them perfect for displaying anywhere in your home, or in a tiered tray.

9. Metal Four Leaf Clover Wall Decor

This little clover is on my own wish list because I love how subtle and unassuming it is. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t leave this up year-round to add a little luck to your home!

10. Sage Green Buffalo Check Pillows

I’m kinda nuts about buffalo check fabric as it is, and I love this color of green for spring. These pillows will transition nicely through several months of decor.

11. Mini Signs for Tiered Trays

Adding a sweet little block sign to a tiered tray is a cute way to express a sentiment, and these ones are great for the celebration!

12. Vintage-Inspired Irish Clover Table Runner

The vintage vibe of this table runner is just too perfect! It’s both fun and elegant, so it will work for a variety of tablescapes and decor styles.

13. St. Patrick’s Day Tea Towels

A little pop of celebration in the kitchen with a special tea towel is an easy way to decorate with very little effort. Plus, it’s actually a useful item!

14. Shamrock Door Mat

How about welcoming your guests with an Irish greeting! If you have the DIY skills and patience, this could be a fun project to make, as well. Or, just order it, and save yourself the trouble!

15. Artificial Potted Clovers

Is there anything better than a plant you can’t kill? These small potted clovers would be so sweet tucked into a tiered tray or a shelf.

16. Driftwood Shamrock

Feeling beachy? Here’s an idea that I’ll bet almost no one else will have in their home. I love unique pieces like this!

17. Watercolor Clover Print

If you have a simple or minimalist aesthetic in your home, these sweet prints would add the perfect amount of holiday joy without overwhelming your decor.

With any luck (see what I did there?), you’ve found some great new inspiration for decorating your home this year. These 17 St. Patrick’s Day decor ideas are sure to be the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!

Don’t forget to pin this for later, and when you do decorate, I’d love to see what you create! Tag me in your photos on Instagram and Facebook!

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