10 Spring Wreaths to Love


Wreaths have existed as celebratory decorations for thousands of years, and their symbolism in human history is significant. While many people use wreaths during the winter holidays, I love to display them year-round. This season, I have 10 favorite spring wreaths to share with you.

Harvest wreaths, usually made of wheat or other harvested plants, date back to ancient Greece. They were hung on doors all year long and were believed to protect the farmer from crop failure.

Advent and Christmas wreaths first appeared in Germany during the 1500’s as a way to teach children about the meaning and purpose of Christmas, as well as to count the days until Christmastime.

The symbolism of the wreath varies from culture to culture. Some say the continuous ring represents the infinite circle of life, while for others, it symbolizes a crown and often has religious or spiritual significance.

Clearly wreaths are meant to be used for all of life’s celebrations, and that’s why I love to keep them throughout our decor all year.

As we prepare to welcome springtime into our home, these are my 10 favorite spring wreaths for the season!

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Β 1. Pip Berry Wreath

The little seed buds that swell out of the branches of certain trees in early spring are called pip berries, and they are a hot commodity for spring decor. I love the simplicity of this wreath, and it has the perfect farmhouse charm!

2. Floral Hoop Wreath

I have been enamored with hoop wreaths for a couple of years, and I love how they perfectly combine beautiful flowers with a minimalist design. This one, with lovely blush peonies, truly sings of spring blooms!

3. Eucalyptus and Lavender Wreath

This wreath is truly a show stopper! The combination of silver dollar eucalyptus (eucalyptus cinerea) with lavender is perfect for springtime, and I imagine it must smell divine!

4. White Tulip Wreath

Where we live, tulips are very popular. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is such an amazing event, and we love touring the farms and admiring the acres upon acres of blooms. I love the statement this wreath makes using just one color of flower, and I think it would be perfect all season!

5. Preserved Cotton Boll Wreath

I use preserved cotton bolls throughout our decor all year long. It has such a rustic and natural feel, and the colors suit my design aesthetic very well. And, in case you’re wondering if that’s a typo, it’s not! Cotton bolls (not “balls”) are the natural form of raw cotton as it is grown within the pod on the plant. Only after the cotton is harvested, cleaned, and rolled into a round form, is it called a cotton ball.

6. Bicycle Wheel Wreath

I adore any project that upcycles something old into something beautiful. Using a bicycle wheel as a wreath form is such a great idea for spring! I picked up a couple of wheels a while back, and I hope to make something pretty very soon!

7. Frosted Eucalyptus Wreath

I truly love all varieties of eucalyptus, and this one is no exception. The softness of the leaves mute the green into the perfect shade for springtime, and I love the simplicity of a wreath that is unadorned with other accessories like this one is.

8. Preserved Boxwood Mini-Wreath

I was so excited when I ordered my first preserved boxwood wreath. I love the style, and I couldn’t wait to own one of my own. I also adore these little mini-wreaths that would be so perfect to hang from kitchen cabinet doors, or on the backs of dining room chairs. Boxwood makes for lovely spring wreaths!

9. Succulent & Grapevine Wreath

When I went searching for succulent wreaths, I was surprised by how few existed on the market. I think succulents are beautiful, and I love the idea of using them for a spring wreath. This one is certainly my favorite, but I wonder how easily you could make one if you wanted a different style? Anyone up for a DIY?

10. Fern Wreath

Let’s just be honest. Ferns are amazing all year long. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have ferns everywhere, and I really couldn’t love them more. This wreath is beautiful just as it is without adding a thing to it. But, if you like to accessorize, couldn’t you just imagine a small bird’s nest with some petite speckled eggs {like this!} tucked inside too?

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  1. I love so many of these, plan to work on making a wreath over the weekend, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay! I love that! It seems like a good time for craft inspo with so many of us trapped indoors…the more ideas, the better! xo

  2. Like you I hang a new wreath for almost every new season, and especially for each holiday most years. I love hanging them and making them! These are all so beautiful and I have pinned them for future inspiration. Thanks for sharing your style at #HomeMattersParty

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