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Of all the things I dream about for the future of our little farm, a big, beautiful greenhouse is always high on the list. We’ll get to that section of the to-do list one day, but until we do, I continue to collect inspiration for what we’ll eventually build.

Living in the Pacific Northwest means that we experience chilly temperatures for much of the year. I may have shared this with you before (heavy sarcasm!), but the cool weather and abundance of rain are definitely not my favorite parts of living here.

On the plus side, we get the benefit of green, green, green everywhere. And our summers, although short, are truly blissful–I can’t deny it. But what I wouldn’t give to have a tropical oasis inside a gorgeous greenhouse where I could escape and commune with my plants the rest of the year!

It will happen at some point. I am very determined to make it so! And to fuel my dreams, I keep stashing away every inspiring idea I can find for when we finally get ready to start building.

What follows are my 15 current favorite greenhouses. Each one has a little something special about it that I love. You might also enjoy my Greenhouse Pinterest board where I save more ideas all the time…literally hundreds of them!

I’ve also included links to some more affordable greenhouse options at every size–whether you have a window sill in the city, suburban balcony, or rural acreage, I’ve gathered lots of ideas to help you find a greenhouse to fit your plant-nurturing needs.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, and I have received no compensation for sharing anything that follows. Some links within this blog may be affiliate links, and I might earn a commission if you make a purchase through that link. This usually amounts to cents, not dollars, and helps to support the projects featured on this blog. I only recommend products from companies that I have found to be trustworthy. Read my full disclosure here.



I absolutely love the beautiful ridge cresting that adorns classic English greenhouses. That’s the ornamental decoration that’s attached to the roofline in this example. The original purpose of cresting in architecture was to direct the eyes skyward, but it might also help discourage birds from perching (and making a yucky mess!). Although, I’ve often seen birds perching directly upon the cresting, so I think it probably depends on the size of the bird in relation to the decoration. Either way, I love it!



The lower half of the wall could be made of any material, but I really love the stacked stone in this example. It gives a lovely ‘forest cottage’ vibe, don’t you think?



Speaking of cottage vibes, the picket fence around this greenhouse is absolutely charming. I love how it helps to define the garden area and keep out unwanted forest friends at the same time.

“An addiction to gardening is not all bad when you consider all the other choices in life.”

~Cora Lea Bell



This greenhouse lives right here in Washington state, and while I often complain about our weather, you can clearly see why we love living here. You just can’t beat the views! I love this greenhouse so much that I have to share a couple more perspectives with you so you can take it all in:



A definite must-have on my greenhouse build list is a gorgeous brick walkway leading to the doors. In this example, I love how they continued the brick for the skirting of the greenhouse, as it really complements the brick retaining wall behind it. The whole look is so cohesive and lovely!



The goose-neck barn lights at the doorway of this greenhouse are a perfect touch. Since they’re painted the same color as the trim, they’re subtle and don’t overwhelm–which is perfect! I mean, you really wouldn’t want to take anything away from the design of this beauty by a contrasting color to distract the eye. Such a gorgeous build! These lights are extremely affordable and designed to be used outdoors–perfect for my future greenhouse!

“One thing I know for sure: we are meant to enjoy each day we spend on Earth, which happens quite naturally when you nurture a garden.”

~Barbara Pleasant



Ventilation is a big thing to consider when planning a greenhouse. Plants need carbon dioxide in order to do their work of photosynthesizing and producing oxygen, so you need a way to bring in plenty of fresh air to the space. Vents in the roof offer a quick way to release air and heat.



I don’t know what it is, but every time I see a huge, gorgeous chandelier in a greenhouse, I just swoon! The elegance of it all is just so decadently feminine! Girls’ night, anyone?? I’m very torn on the style of chandelier I’d choose, though…it comes down to either this one, or this one. Which do you like better??



If you haven’t already noticed, many of the greenhouses I love have beautiful vestibule entryways. While it doesn’t really create any additional usable square footage, it makes such a huge aesthetic difference. Plus, it’s a great spot to keep a pair of garden boots and avoid track mud (which is a big problem in our corner of the world). Here’s a view of this greenhouse from the inside looking out so you can really fall in love with this design:

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

~Marcus Tullius Cicero



If tight on space, a lean-to greenhouse, like this one, could be a great option. You could use an exterior wall of a building or a retaining wall to maximize the usable square footage of your property. All the charm of an English garden in a small space!



For the longest time, I’d figured I would build a greenhouse by upcycling old windows. I love this idea, and every example I’ve ever found is so charming–just like this one. The challenge, of course, is finding enough windows with the same dimensions so that the house has symmetry. If you have the windows to do it, I think it would look fantastic!



I love the way that an arched trellis, or arbor, highlights the entry path to a greenhouse. This arbor is one of my favorites because it’s easy to assemble and low maintenance. There are many quick growing vines that would make the walkway simply dreamy! Wisteria is my favorite vine for covering a trellis quickly, and the blooms are so stunning. Just make sure you have a sunny spot!

“The gardening season officially begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.”

~Marie Huston



This gorgeous greenhouse belongs to my friend, Kim, who lives not far from us on the Puget Sound. Kim’s greenhouse not only has a stunning view, but she’s surrounded it with a lovely cut flower garden as well. If you want to be constantly inspired by her amazing designs, be sure to pop over to her Instagram and give her a follow–you won’t be disappointed! Here’s an interior view from Kim’s greenhouse, and you can see why she loves to spend time here nurturing her plants:



I love that this greenhouse is wired for electricity. The strings of lights (like these ones) over the patio lead to a cozy fire pit that’s perfect for summer evening gatherings. Running electricity might take some extra work, but this feature is high on my list, as well!



I love the way that Kathy used river rock for the skirting of her greenhouse. It coordinates well with the rock retaining wall, as well as the forested background. The perfect little garden cottage getaway! Kathy shares some absolutely jaw dropping inspiration of her greenhouse styled for every season over on Instagram, so definitely be sure to add her as a friend for a daily dose of beauty! Here’s another view of her stunning greenhouse to give you something to dream about tonight:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

Whether you’re in the dreaming, planning, or building stage, I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for designing the greenhouse of your dreams. Hopefully I’ll be sharing my own greenhouse with you in the not too distant future! Stay tuned… *wink*

I’d love to hear about your greenhouse dreams. Drop me a note down below in the comments, and let me know which of these ideas is at the top of your list!

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  1. I've always had a dream of having a greenhouse – so beautiful! thanks for sharing with us this week at the Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!

  2. We just bought a house and I feel exactly like you. I’m dreaming and waiting patiently for my own beautiful greenhouse. Thank you for sharing your inspirations and aspirations. This was so helpful. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

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