French Creek Fellowship #1: The Country Colonial

It’s a new year, a new decade, and I think it’s time for another bit of newness, too.

Every week, I share our life and home with you as we go along on our fixer upper journey, and the sense of community it brings is truly amazing. If y’all are keen to the idea, I would love to start a new practice of fellowship on Sundays by introducing you to some inspiring friends I’ve made along the way.

While their homes and design style are truly inspiring indeed, what strikes me the most about each of the friends I’ll be introducing in this series is their authenticity. They each have such pure and genuine hearts that they willingly and graciously share with others, and isn’t that just what the spirit of fellowship is really all about?

To kick things off for the very first week, today I’m introducing my friend, Crystal, from The Country Colonial.

Crystal was one of the very first friends I made when I started writing about our home. We connected over a shared love of tulips and classic farmhouse styling, and as our friendship grew, I was blessed to see the beautiful heart that Crystal has.

I really had no idea how to “do” social media back then. I was simply keeping an online journal about our DIYs and various projects, but I was also in awe of so many people like Crystal who somehow managed to capture a lovely story with their camera.

Even though she had nothing to gain from it, Crystal invested her time into showing me how the Instagram world worked, and she introduced me to so many other uplifting and talented designers who continue to be a source of inspiration for me today.

Last spring, Crystal and her husband bought their dream home in Massachusetts—this gorgeous colonial in the country that just pulls all my heart strings! Take a look at the amazing job they’re doing of renovating and decorating every corner of this home. The transformations are stunning!

And then be sure to befriend Crystal { @thecountrycolonial } to keep up with her progress and be inspired by all of her creativity and talent!

All photos courtesy of Crystal @thecountrycolonial

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