After-Christmas Winter Decorating


Here we are, in those weird few weeks when the holidays are behind us, but it’s still too early to start decorating for spring. It can be confusing to figure out how to design the spaces of your home for winter. Today, I’m sharing the design strategy I use every winter, as well as plenty of inspiration for welcoming winter into your own home.

Renovating a fixer upper means that there is always more on my list than I have hours in a day, so I definitely don’t have time to completely overhaul my entire home’s decor every month or so. I used to scroll through my social media feed feeling a tad inadequate when I saw what some people managed to do.

Then I found out that a lot of these folks have teams of people to help them.

But I don’t. Do you?

I had to invent a strategy that worked for me, my schedule, and my budget. So here’s my secret…

No matter the time of year, I always plan my decor to slowly evolve from the current season into the next. This tactic allows me to continually make small changes and keep my decor fresh while not taking inordinate amounts of time to make major updates.

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For example…this past fall, I used pine cones throughout our decor. Those same pine cones stayed in place for Christmas. However, I removed all traces of maple leaves and pumpkins from the house, and instead, added in lots of small trees and red ribbon to transition between design aesthetics.

Here’s a fall -vs- Christmas view of the same space so you can see the subtle changes:

After Christmas, I put away all of the red decor, but the touches of pine have remained for my winter design, now paired with a variety of white decor: candlesticks, enamelware, chippy spindles, you name it.

Any guess what you might see again in my spring decor? (wink, wink)

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All of that sounds great, you say, but where do you begin if you’re just starting out?

Not to worry–I have loads of inspiration to get you started for winter! Plus, if you’re ever looking for more, you can always look through my collection of Design Inspiration Boards throughout the year. In each board, I share a complete design and include sources for everything you need to recreate the same look in your own home. These are a great starting point!

Ready for some amazing wintertime inspiration? Let’s take a tour!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, and I have received no compensation for sharing any of these supplies. Some links to products that follow may be affiliate links, and I might earn a commission if you make a purchase through that link. This usually amounts to cents, not dollars, and helps to support the projects featured on this blog. I only recommend products from companies that I have found to be trustworthy. Read my full disclosure here.

Design by Rocky Hedge Farm
Similar vintage mirror (here)
Rustic Metal Letters (here)
Eucalyptus & Pine Winter Wreath (here)
Champagne Bucket Floral Arrangement
Design by Atta Girl Says
Similar champagne bucket (here)
Mantel Design by Love Grows Wild
Similar candlesticks (here)
Winter Porch Decor (source)
Similar vintage galvanized bucket (here)
Similar chippy white stool (here)
Winter Mantel Design by Blesser House
Similar pinecone garland (here)
Mossy Lantern (here)
Winter White Bedroom Design by Clare and Grace)
Similar dough bowl (here)
Similar “stay awhile” sign (here)
Winter Trees Display (source)
Similar mason jar trees (here)
Ice Skates Porch Decor (here)
Similar vintage skates (here)
Similar vintage lantern (here)
Sweater Candles DIY by Thrifty & Chic
Similar candles (here)
White Farmhouse Centerpiece by Sarah Joy
Similar enamel pitcher (here)
Vintage Skis Porch Decor by Liz Marie Galvan
Similar skis (here)
Cozy Winter Basket Design by Setting For Four
Similar basket (here)
Succulent Centerpiece Design by The Lilypad Cottage
Similar vintage wood cheese box (here)
Milk Glass Vases Turned Candlesticks (source)
White Ironstone Collection by This Old Cape House
Similar Ironstone pitcher (here)
Dining Room Centerpiece Design by Whimsy Girl Designs
Similar mirror (here)
Winter Styled Tray by Wilshire Collections
Wire wrapped jar (here)
Plaid pillow (here)
Winter Wreath (here)

I hope I’ve given you some great inspiration for decorating your own home after Christmas! Which of these ideas do you plan to try? Let me know in the comments below. Later this week, I’ll be sharing my own Winter Home Tour, so be sure to stop back by for more ideas! xo!


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  1. So pretty! My house is always such a mess, I would love to find the time to add even a bit of seasonal decor.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

    1. I hope you found some great ideas, Teresa! And, I'll tell you, parts of my house are less than tidy as well…but even a pretty little styled shelf can make me smile! xo

  2. What lovely ideas and inspiration you have found. I like the idea of not changing everything and just making subtle tweaks. So much less work for one thing!

    1. Yes, definitely! Maybe someday I'll have time for that…but it's certainly not today. Haha! xo

  3. Totally agree about keeping things out, adding and taking away. Keeping my pinecone, greens, lanterns and snow flakes stuff out when I put away Christmas boxes away.

    On the hunt for skis or sled for a display.

  4. I am so glad I came across your website! It is giving me all kinds of inspiration for decorating my home. Thank you for you suggestions.

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