Quick & Easy Fried Rice


On any given weekday, you will find me eating the exact same salad for lunch…day after day after day. I really don’t mind the routine, and it simplifies my already busy schedule. But every once in a while, I just want something different.

When I used to work in the corporate world, it was easy to grab a coworker and head out for lunch at a nearby restaurant when I craved some variety. But my days are structured a bit differently now that I run my own business, and often, I work from the farmhouse several miles outside of town.

Most of my days are already so full of projects and work tasks that I couldn’t possibly fit in the time to cook an entire meal from scratch just to satisfy my lunchtime cravings. But luckily, there’s an easier way!

Today, I whipped up a delicious Thai-style fried rice in less than 15 minutes (yes, seriously!) using simple ingredients that we already have stocked in our fridge, freezer, and pantry. It was healthy, filling, and incredibly delicious–exactly what I needed to shake up my lunchtime routine.

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Making a quick lunch might seem like a trivial thing, but really, it’s about practicing self-care and listening to what your body (and soul) needs. One small act of taking care of yourself–by something as simple as treating yourself to lunch–can be exactly what is needed to reinvigorate and energize you while you’re working toward your goals.

It’s also about focusing on what you can do, instead of lamenting over what you can’t. I made a choice to run a business where I frequently work from home, as an example, and that makes it undeniably harder to run out and grab a quick bite to eat. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy a delicious warm meal in the middle of the day when I’m tired of eating my usual salads. Instead of dwelling on the challenges, it just takes a bit of creativity and a change of perspective to make it all come together.

If you don’t already stock these items in your kitchen, consider adding them to your shopping list to give yourself the ingredients you need to enjoy some quick and easy mealtime variety!

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Thai-Style Fried Rice (Gluten-free + Vegan)
Makes 2 servings

1 package of Brown Rice & Lentils
6 ounces protein of choice, diced (this is my current favorite vegan option)
1 cup broccoli florets, fresh or frozen
½ cup matchstick/shredded carrots, fresh or frozen
2 Tbsp peanut butter, crunchy
¼ cup Pad Thai Sauce
1 Tbsp Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce
1 Tbsp avocado oil

1. Sauté broccoli, carrots, and protein in oil over medium heat until done (about 5-7 minutes).

2. While veggies are cooking, tear the pouch of rice 1-2 inches and microwave for 90 seconds. Add to the cooked veggies, and stir to mix.

3. Make a well in the center of the pan by pushing rice/veggies to the edges. Add the peanut butter, tamari, and ginger sauce to the pan. Mix throughout the rice & veggies to distribute flavors evenly.

4. Chow down!

You can add any veggies you might have on hand to this recipe, and increase or decrease the quantities to your liking–get creative! We keep a variety of cut veggies in the freezer to make meal prep super quick, and stir-fried dishes like this one are a great way to use up leftover vegetables from the fridge, as well. Some suggestions: onion, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, snow peas, zucchini, bean sprouts, shelled edamame, baby corn.

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