Spring Blooms in the Living Room

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White tulips and milk glass vases in rustic wooden toolbox

Looking outside our windows, every view has exploded with spring blooms. So I figured, why not follow Mother Nature’s design lead and bring the same look into our family room?

Truly, life on the farm is pretty sweet right now. Or, at least, it sure does smell and look sweet!

We had a string of unseasonably warm weather over the past couple weeks that caused everything to come to life at one time. The difference from one day to the next was absolutely remarkable, and boy are we enjoying it!

Our white farmhouse with spring trees in bloom | French Creek Farmhouse

Especially considering the fact that we totally missed out on springtime last year while we were sick, it really does feel like we’re doubly celebrating the season this time around.

Everything smells a little sweeter, looks a little brighter, and it certainly reinforces the truth that struggles are what allow us to soak up the joys in life more deeply.

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In our family room this season, I was going for two things: simplicity and blooms.

I didn’t want anything to detract from the flowers or the feeling of calm, so I tried to keep the rest of our decor extremely low-key and neutral.

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For that reason, I used only neutral pillows throughout our family room. My sister, Kim, made two of them for me from vintage fabrics. She’s recently opened an Etsy shop where she offers her pillows made from unique and vintage fabrics, and I love that she’s giving new life to these pretty linens that might have otherwise been forgotten or discarded.

Modern farmhouse spring living room with white tulips

The lumbar pillow in the photo above was made from vintage hobnail chenille, just like this one in her shop.

The other was made from a vintage quilt, and luckily there was enough fabric to make two (you can find the other one here). Originally, Kim lent me this pillow to use in photographs before a vintage show that we did together a couple of years ago. But after I took a few pictures, I begged her to let me keep it! I mean, just look how pretty it is:

Cozy French provincial chair in farmhouse living room

Both of them fit in perfectly with our decor, and since the covers are zippered and fit standard pillow inserts, they’re easy to swap out each season with new designs and take less room to store.

Side note, I’ve been requesting some new designs that Kim’s working on. (YouΒ  might say I’ve been nagging her a bit. Just one of the benefits of being the little sister! Haha!) I can’t wait to show them to you because I know they’re going to be best-sellers in her shop very soon. Stay tuned…

Aside from my favorite pillows, the centerpiece on our coffee table is, in my opinion, the star of the room.

I started collecting milk glass vases a couple of years ago, and I got the idea to fit them into my old rustic toolbox for spring. I just love the contrast between the worn wood and the delicate white vases! Plus…tulips!!

Modern farmhouse spring living room with white tulips
Wood toolbox filled with milk glass vases and white tulips
Modern farmhouse spring living room with white tulips

The toolbox reminds me a lot of one my dad had while I was growing up, so there’s definitely a sentimentality to this particular arrangement, too.

I think that’s possibly the thing I love most about decorating with vintage items–the emotion and memories they add.

Modern farmhouse spring living room with white tulips and milk glass vases in wood toolbox
Modern farmhouse spring living room with white tulips in milk glass vases
Modern farmhouse spring living room with white tulips

In my bookshelves and on my desk, I tried to tuck some spring bunnies around and about as a nod to our little farm friends that are always hanging out just outside the door. Aspen loves to watch them, and occasionally we spot a bunny bolting past a window, only to see him about 3 paces behind! He never chases them too hard, and I really think he just likes the playful exercise.

Modern farmhouse writing desk with French provincial chair
Vintage farmhouse shelves displaying antique finds

Last, but not least, is this little area that I rarely ever photograph.

We collect vinyl records and love to listen to them on Sundays over brunch, so this spot is certainly a family favorite.

Vintage record cabinet paired with vintage-look stereo system

I picked up the old record cabinet from a friend’s garage sale a couple years ago. The only thing I did to it was change the knobs, but otherwise, it needed nothing to fit into our home. It had some newer knobs on it that didn’t really fit with its vintage style, but I happened to have some left over from a piece of furniture I’d refinished at some point prior. They were a perfect fit–meant to be!

If you’re looking for a vintage-look record player with modern features like bluetooth wireless streaming, this is the one we own. Don’t expect concert-quality sound from this petite package, but the audio is certainly better than you would expect for the price point.

Here are a couple more options:

I hope our spring living room has given you lots of ideas for your own home! I’d love to see what you create–be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your designs!

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  1. Everything looks so nice. I think I have everything I need to make the tulip arrangement. I am going to try it soon.

  2. Love your vintage style so much!! That little crate with milk glass and tulips is so pretty and it fits perfectly in your room!

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