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After a record-setting rainy winter in the Pacific Northwest this year, I am more than ready for spring! Last weekend, the plum trees started flowering, and watching our farm come alive has been such a welcome sight. The first place I wanted to bring that feeling into our home was right at the entryway!

Lately, I feel my design aesthetic really growing roots. I’m becoming more grounded in the way I want our home to not only look, but more importantly, how I want it to feel.

For starters, I’m craving simplicity. You know how, sometimes, there are pieces that just speak volumes to your soul? They don’t need anything else to make them special…they just are.

That’s how I feel about the vintage spindle back bench that I picked up recently. You might have seen my Instagram story when I went to buy it…it was a very good day, indeed! I’d been looking for one for this spot in our entryway for sooo long, and I was thrilled to come across this one.

I’ve debated painting it (black, most likely), but the natural wood is so pretty on its own that I just haven’t come to a conclusion. What do you think?

The woven baskets hanging from farmhouse hooks might be one of my favorite pieces of decor this season. This spring, you’ll be able to find both in our shop, too!

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I affectionately call these my “belly baskets”. They are rounded and sort of hive-like, and they can hold a fairly large amount of florals. I used ficus garlands to fill the baskets, and the way they trail out just exudes the abundance of liveliness at springtime.

Besides my baskets, I added some whitewashed tobacco baskets and wreaths to really green up the space. The larger one is a grapevine wreath that I scored for a few bucks at the thrift store a while back (here’s the video of the whole haul from that day!), and I added a greenery garland to make it perfect for spring.

Back in the fall, I was absolutely overjoyed to find my sweet and chippy nesting box. I knew immediately that it belonged on our entryway wall, and the prospect of decorating it for each future season just thrilled me.

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Each cubby contains its own little vignette of vintage treasures, and I just adore arranging and rearranging them whenever I need a little boost to my creative energy!

Thanks so much to the ladies at Simply2Moms for inviting me to share our entryway as part of their spring home tour with a dozen other lovely designers!

Most important to me when I’m decorating our home is that the items I use have personal meaning for us. The pillow on my bench, for example, was made by my sister from an upcycled old quilt.

The little sheep on the side table is a reminder that this is the time of year when the sheep return to graze in the pasture to the north of us–one of our favorite parts of country life!

These little touches are personally significant for our family, and they bring our personality into the design of our spaces. And, isn’t that what home is all about?

Decorating our entryway for spring has truly brought me so much joy. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have stopped just to admire and feel good in this space as I’m running around throughout the day.

Living the fixer-upper life where there is always a project (and huge mess) going on somewhere around the house, spaces like this really make a difference. I think it’s good for the soul to have spots within our home that make us feel these sentiments of home.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our springtime entryway! If you’d like to be inspired by even more beautiful spring designs, be sure to visit each of these gorgeous homes participating in today’s tour!

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  1. You have such a gift for creating vignettes! I loved looking at all of your vintage finds…so much inspiration!
    The Tattered Pew

  2. Those little cubbies are too cute – if I was a little girl I would be obsessed with looking in each and every one to see what makes them special.

    1. Yes!! Decorating each one is just as fun! It was a chicken nesting box, but I think it's perfection! xo

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