Farmhouse Fabric Star Garland

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Farmhouse Fabric Star Garland

I’ve been crafting up a storm of patriotism around our home this year as we get ready to celebrate Independence Day. This farmhouse fabric star garland might just be my favorite yet, and it’s so easy to make!

Maybe it’s something about all that our country has been through over the past year or so, I’m not sure, but I’m certainly feeling inspired to add lots of patriotic touches to our decor lately.

After I made these farmhouse fabric stars to use as shelf tucks, bowl filler, and tiered tray decor, I just knew that I had to make a whole garland of them!

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This project is so simple–it only took me an hour to make a five-foot-long garland of these cuties. But once you see how cute they look, you’ll want to make several more for other places around your home!

This garland looks so sweet stretched across a vintage bookcase

Unlike the larger stars I made before, I did use my sewing machine for these to make the stitching go faster.

If you haven’t heard (either on the news, or by me complaining) we’re having a bit of a heat wave here in Washington state right now.  #understatement

My craft room gets so, so, so hot on the south-facing side of our house that I feel like I’m sewing in a sweat shop. Well…as my sister joked with me, I basically have been!

I added my garland to the front of our vintage chicken nesting box hung on the wall

But if you don’t have a sewing machine, that’s no problem because you can still use this hand-stitching technique to create this craft every bit as beautifully!

Let’s dive into the step-by-step tutorial to make this farmhouse fabric star garland, and don’t forget to pin this post so you can find it again later!

Make this patriotic farmhouse garland in only one hour!

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For this garland, I used the same farmhouse fabrics that I used for my larger stars: grain sack, denim, and red ticking.

But, you could make this garland for other occasions, and with different types of fabrics, too!

Just imagine a long string of them on your Christmas tree–that would be so pretty! Or, to decorate a nursery or playroom? So sweet!

I’m sure you’ll think of all sorts of places to use these once you get going.


Draping the garland over your shelves adds a simple touch of patriotic charm
Free printable star pattern for a variety of farmhouse crafts
Step One: Gather your supplies

1. Gather all of your supplies. I mentioned in the supply list above that I recommend a laminator–that’s because laminating your patterns makes them last longer and provides extra rigidity to the template.

This is totally optional, of course, but I do think it makes life sooo much easier.

This is the exact laminator we own. It’s super affordable, and we use it for loads of stuff around the house. We’ve had ours for almost seven years (at the time of this writing), and have never had a single problem with it–and it gets a lot of use!

Step Two: Trace the pattern

2. Trace and cut out the star shapes from your fabric. My printable pattern has templates from 2″ to 6″, and I used the 4″ star template for this project. I did not add any seam allowance when I traced my stars onto the fabric, but I knew I wanted them to be a little smaller than that once finished.

Make sure to cut two stars for each finished star (i.e. the front and back piece).

Step Three: Pin your fabric together

3. There is a “top” point of the star on my pattern, so I pinned each star at the top. Doing this will help you not to forget which point to sew to the twine.

Step Four: Pin stars to twine

4. Next, pin your stars to the twine at the interval/spacing that you desire. My garland is 5′ (60 inches) long. I made five stars, spaced at 9″ intervals, with 12″ of extra twine at each end for securing. You can adjust this to your liking!

You’ll be top-stitching these stars, so there will be no need to turn them inside out. Right sides of your fabric should be facing out.

Step Five: Top stitch

5. If the top point of the star is 12 o’clock, then I started my stitching at the 3 o’clock point (the point immediately clockwise from the top). Really, this is up to you, but I would not suggest starting or ending at the top point since that’s where the twine will be secured.

Step Six: Seam allowance

6. You can see from this photo that I used a very narrow seam allowance. I used the 4″ template, knowing that I wanted my stars to be slightly smaller than that when finished. Because these stars are top-stitched, the area outside the seam allowance will be a frayed edge to give that perfect farmhouse feeling!

Step Seven: Add twine

7. As you get to the top point in your stitching, you’ll need to place the twine between the two layers of fabric. I did this at 1/2″ down from the tip. Once again, adjust to your own liking!

Step Eight: Stuff

8. Sew until you have one side of a remaining point left open. This is where you’ll stuff your star. I’m showing you this on the denim star because the white stitching really makes the opening stand out.

Step Nine: Add stuffing

9. Stuff your stars using small pinches of poly-fil. I stuff each of the points first, and you’ll likely find it easier to use the tip of a pencil or a crochet/knitting needle to push the stuffing into the small tips.

Step Ten: Stitch closed

10. Sew up the open edge of your star, then move onto the next star and repeat the steps until done. I found it easier to sew all the stars to the twine, then stuff them all at the same time, then sew up all the remaining edges at the same time. But you do you!

Step Eleven: Fray edges

11. Finally, fray the edges of each star. To do this, just rub your fingernail across the raw edge of the fabric, and gently tug at the threads. After all the edges are frayed, you can give them a haircut to make the fray look nice and neat.

This garland looks great in your patriotic farmhouse vignettes!

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  1. These really are so cute Kristi. I'd love to use them as a bowl filler too.
    Thank you for sharing your farmhouse fabric star garland tutorial at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at this week's party and pinning too.

    1. Wow, Kerryanne! That is such an honor! Thank you bunches! And yes, perfect as bowl filler…I've been making tons of them for all over the house! xo

    1. I totally think it's a thing still! Haha! Maybe that's the beauty of shabby chic…it never goes out of style? 😉 xo!

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