Vintage Farmhouse Fall Foyer

Fall foyer

Continuing our autumn home tour, today is all about our vintage farmhouse fall foyer! I’m still so enchanted by the beauty of this season, and I have absolutely no desire to skip over it. I’m embracing each glorious and color-filled day.

Right now, my social feeds are completely overwhelmed with Christmas, and have been for weeks! Where did autumn go? What happened to Thanksgiving? Suddenly it’s all snowflakes and jingle bells everywhere!

Don’t get me wrong, I loooove Christmas! I will wake up bright and early the day after Thanksgiving, put Christmas tunes on an endless loop, and start turning our home into a winter wonderland like a joyful little elf!

But, the calendar pages turn fast enough already without me rushing through the year.

I want to savor each and every moment, yet it feels like I have become an outdated relic of the past. These days, everyone is always rushing somewhere. Kids have 15 competing priorities on any given day before they’re old enough to do long division. Families hardly ever sit down together for nightly dinners. And, no one picks up the phone to have a real conversation anymore!

Don’t I sound a little like a grumpy old person right now? Haha!

But seriously, I think that we could all benefit from slowing down and taking life in more fully. Don’t you?

All of that is to say…..we are very much enjoying fall right now, and our home tour for the season continues to our vintage-inspired fall foyer today. Be sure to pin this post so you have some decorating ideas for the future!

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A Tour of Our Fall Foyer

Our foyer lays just beyond the entryway, at the base of the stairs. After taking off our shoes and coats in the entryway, it’s the place we walk through next to come into our home.

Naturally, it’s the first place I decorate every season. The front porch, entryway, and foyer are the places that welcome us, and others, to our home so I always give these areas a refresh before anywhere else.

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Vintage spindle-back chair in foyer

By now, though, you already know that I’m all about subtle decor. I like our living spaces to feel natural and not overly decorated. I like my decor to give you a hug and not scream in your face, you know?

Admittedly, I do get a bit “extra” once Christmas rolls around, but the rest of the year, it’s all about the simple touches that don’t overwhelm our spaces.

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Chippy white vintage farmhouse decor

Antique Furniture

The way I see it, your furniture is like the foundation of the room. It’s what anchors the space. There’s no amount of tchotchkes or decorative touches that will correct for poor furniture choices that don’t make you happy, so this is the place to be a little bit picky, and also to splurge.

It’s better to invest in a piece of furniture that will serve and delight you for many years, and then get creative with your smaller, less-expensive decor items where your tastes might change more frequently.

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Vintage farmhouse fall foyer with antique buffet and vintage alarm clock collection

In my case, I got very lucky.

One day, while I was picking through a thrift store for hidden gems, a man wheeled this beautiful antique Federal-style buffet onto the floor from the back room. I just happened to be standing right there when it happened, and I was able to claim it before anyone else…for only $40!!

The cute spindle back chair was another thrifted find, and I love the detail as well as the chippiness.

On the wall, I hung two leaded glass cabinet doors, and a hardware store drawer from an old family-owned business that closed in a nearby town. The compartments in the drawer make it a perfect shelf!

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Vintage alarm clocks displayed in wall shelf

Vintage Décor

Old things have always held a special place in my heart. They represent a little bit of our collective history, and I think it’s important to have reminders of where we started, and where we have been, as we work to get where we’re going.

Vintage items tell a story, you know?

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Vintage Westclox alarm clock collection

One of my most dear collections is of vintage Westclox alarm clocks. Truly, they are the stars of the show in this design! And most especially because they mean so much to me. I have slowly collected each one, carefully, over the years, and I love the history of these clocks every bit as much as the beauty.

For example, one of the clocks in my collection is extremely rare. It’s called a Waralarm, and it was commissioned by the War Production Board during WW2, when raw materials were very scarce. Our government had enlisted most major manufacturing companies to make war materials–including the Westclox company–but then, people had no way to get a clock.

And remember, back in those days, clocks were sacred. You had to wind them by hand every day in order to keep them running in time with everyone else–what an act of collective social collaboration!

I can talk for hours on this topic, but this post is about our fall foyer, so I’ll spare you! If you’re interested in learning more about the fascinating history of Westclox, as well as my beloved Waralarm, be sure to check out this post that I wrote all about it. It’s a wonderful story!

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Vintage farmhouse fall foyer

Pumpkins and Floral Accents in Our Fall Foyer

In this particular design, there’s nothing within my decor choices that is overtly “fall”…except the pumpkins. Even my floral accents could transition quite seamlessly between seasons, and that’s exactly what I intend to do once winter rolls around.

It’s basically my decorating mantra to make small changes from season to season. I don’t know about you, but I have more than enough going on than to have to do a complete overhaul of the decor in every room of our home every month or two. Small changes help make the job manageable!

So, to that end, I hung the cotton wreaths over the summer, and they still work beautifully for fall. In fact, they’d be great for winter (imagine a “winter whites” theme), and even through until Easter (cotton… cottontails… bunnies… you get the idea).

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Cotton wreath hanging on antique leaded glass window

I removed any “blooms” from this area to really lean into the autumn vibe. Instead, I have a simple potted plant and a vintage silverplate creamer filled with succulents. An ironstone creamer contains more cotton stems, and I also tucked in some feathers that I foraged from our own property.

A few pumpkins remind you that it’s definitely autumn in our fall foyer. However, I didn’t get too crazy with the floral because I didn’t want to take anything away from the display of clocks…the real showstopper!

We will certainly be savoring these final weeks before the Christmas extravaganza begins. All of these touches feel especially cozy and meaningful as we prepare for a day of thanks. I am very grateful for all that comes with this beautiful season, and I’m in no rush to get through the gorgeous fall days.

I hope this tour of our fall foyer gives you some great ideas for decorating your own farmhouse this season. Be sure to drop a note in the comments below, and let me know what your favorite part is. I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. I feel the same as you about fall…actually about all the seasons. I think each one should be savored and enjoyed. Your foyer is beautiful with all the neutrals and those clocks!

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